Get to Know all QuickBooks TLG File

Get to Know all QuickBooks TLG File

When you originate a company in QuickBooks there would be so many files are created. There is a file type “QBW” and it is your actual company data file. Another file created is “QuickBooks TLG File“,  and this file becomes a source of some misunderstandings as well as confusions. In this blog, we are going to review some facts related to this file.

What is QuickBooks TLG File?

The QuickBooks transaction log file(TLG)  is a log of all the changes which are done to the (.qbw) company file before they are recorded in the company file. TLG and QBW are stored in the same folder as the company the file itself. TLG file is created automatically by the QuickBooks.

The filename of the transaction log file is written in the following formate company file name].qbw.TLG

QuickBooks uses the data written to the transaction log file to complete precisely the recording of the transactions which were not fully recorded in the company file itself due to the loss in the company file. The TLG file can be also used in conjunction with a QuickBooks backup file(.qbb) to recover from damaged company file.

The TLG (transaction log file) is reset only when:

*The user successfully complete a manual backup in the QuickBooks (not a scheduled or online).

*When user restore a portable (.qbm) company file.

*Sometimes company file(.qbw) does not match with the TLG (transaction log file).

Just because the TLG(transaction log file) can be only reset under the distinct circumstances, and it grows in size and become larger than the QuickBooks company file. Large TLG files may have the unfavorable effect on overall QuickBooks performance, therefore it’s important that we have to care it that when user request then we can remove.TLG files.

Why is the TLG file is Important in QuickBooks Desktop?

The transaction Log File (.TLG) is from one of the methods to recover  QuickBooks company file data, by using Auto Data Recovery and. DR file type.  Auto Data Recovery file is used beside the .TLG file in the same folder. This approach is often utilized when data corruption makes your company file apparently irreparable and recover any affected transactions in your data file.  This complex process must be performed very precisely.

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