Get to Know About Intuit Merchant Services

Get to Know About Intuit Merchant Services

To process your debit and credit cards, you require a merchant service account. The Intuit Merchant Services account is a bank account which allows you to accept payments through debit and Credit Cards. Therefore a merchant account is an agreement between a retailer and the payment processor. Merchant bank for the settlement of given credit card and debit card transactions.

So that the merchant account is established and confirmed under the agreement between an acceptor the person who is accepting the credit cards and the merchant who is acquiring bank for the approval of credit card and debit card transactions. In case if a merchant enters into a merchant agreement through the acquiring bank, or with mixed such as PayPal, here the deal ties the merchant to obey the operating regulations ingrained by the card brands.  

Bank of America and Wells Fargo are the examples of Intuit merchant services providers. Our merchant service providers offer the real self-contained part of equipment residing at the merchant site where the number is entered. A card can be pass into the terminal. It can also work directly within the website shopping cart: the terminal and virtual terminal contact with card providers via the payment gateway.

Following are the Intuit Merchant Services for web stores.


*PDG software



*IA Modules

 Company behind the QuickBooks

Intuit Merchant Services is also popular as the QuickBooks Payments. It is a merchant account Provider which is located in Mountain View, California. The Intuit entered the first merchant service industry to deliver the package of processing the credit card services with its QuickBooks Accounting and financial software. To make the payment process more accessible. The company began a partnership with intelligent and innovative merchant services. In the year 2003, Intuit has acquired elegant merchant solutions. In a few years, the company has recognized its merchant services division inside the QuickBooks Payments brand.

If you encounter any issue while using Intuit Merchant Services then QuickBooks provides the QuickBooks Support Phone Number to resolve all your issues and complaints regarding long waits, fees your other issues and provide you with the best resolution. Thus, we have the best QuickBooks pro technical support team and assist you with step by step procedure.