How to fix Email Errors in QuickBooks Desktop

Email Error in QuickBooks Desktop

How to fix Email Errors in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks is an efficient bookkeeping tool and has profited a lot of appreciation and popularity amongst the small and medium-sized businesses because of its creative and innovative design, best technology, and user-friendly qualities. The latest features in QuickBooks are well equipped to advertise business growth, organize and well manage business transactions on a daily basis. Therefore, Email Errors in QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most common error users found in QuickBooks.

You send emails to your users or clients on a regular basis. Also, These might be for sending invoices, marketing, seeking information, etc. “Direct Printing from the software itself” may advanced feature in QuickBooks Online permits quick and smooth transaction of emails. Thus, You don’t require downloading the file and printing it after that instead you can access it anywhere & anytime and process direct email to your clients, customers, debtors, and users.

However, sometimes there might increase issue or problem in sending emails from QuickBooks. It is essential to know the correct reason for this problem. Thus, There can be many issues relevant to the various components of the email sending process.  Let’s see what these issues can be and how to fix them.

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 QuickBooks is unable to process email to Outlook

Some Reasons for this error:

  1. Email preference is not set up correctly
  2. Incorrect or damaged or MAPI32.dll file.
  3. QuickBooks running as an administrator
  4. Not proper or incorrect QB installation.
  5. Not proper or incorrect Outlook installation.

When emailing by QuickBooks, Outlook is running in the background.

Step 1: Assure that QuickBooks is not running as Administrator:

Right Click the QuickBooks icon

Select Properties

Choose the Compatibility Tab

Deselect – “Run this program as Administrator” option

Select OK and Restart QuickBooks

Step 2:  Check and Fix Email Preferences in QuickBooks

Navigate to Edit >> Preferences >> Send Forms >> My Preferences

Select “Send e-mail using the option” as per choice & Click OK.

Close QuickBooks & Restart Windows

Try to send an Email again

Step 3- Correct Email Preferences in Internet Explorer

Close QuickBooks and Navigate to Internet Options

Go to Programs tab

Choose the Correct Email Program as default

Click Apply & OK

Open QuickBooks and Send the email again

Thank you for reading this blog. Hopefully, you were able to solve or fix Email related issues that might come up in QuickBooks Desktop. Thus, If you are still stuck or could not resolve your problem of email errors in QuickBooks Desktop, Call the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Number 1-844-291-4361

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